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Announced: Reflections

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Reflections: Available in bookstores from April 7, 2017

About the author: Dr. Emanuel Rutten (1973) is a philosopher. He is a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (both within the Abraham Kuyper Center for science and the big questions and within center Ethos for social transformation). Emanuel's research and teaching areas include the relationship between faith and science, evaluating the rationality of secular and religious worldviews, knowledge theory and speculative realism, logic and rhetoric, and aesthetics.

Flap text: This book brings together a collection of philosophical contributions by Emanuel Rutten that relate specifically to his thinking about Christian faith. These contributions deal with the question of the reasonableness of faith in God, suffering in the world, the personal Christian life, and, more generally, Christianity as a worldview. In one of these texts, Rutten writes, "This is my way of life. This is my way of being in the world. This is what I am: Christian." His reflections result in a manageable and readable collection of essays that will allow you - together with the author - to look at Christian faith with philosophical depth.

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