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Hidden God cover

The hidden God

God is zo groot, dat als hij zich niet zou verbergen, je hem niet kunt vermijden. Hij…
Light Wreath

The technocrat

"Hij laat zijn neus nog snuiten door een gediplomeerd verpleegkundige." - Chesterton. Citaat afkomstig van het blog…
faith without proof

Faith without evidence (Video)

Is geloof in God op zichzelf voldoende bewijs voor Zijn bestaan? Bekijk de onconventionele maar overtuigende argumentatie…
Moral argument

The moral argument (Video)

Ever wonder if God really exists? Read this discussion of the moral argument and find out why moral...

Science Criticism

"Important dates, dated earlier thinking." Quote taken from the blog "Found something somewhere / Lost something somewhere


It matters being a father, being a mother. It also gives responsibility; be a father and...

A small gesture

A small gesture - Poem taken from Erwin de Ruiter's blog 'Loving'.


To ask God "Wilt thou be present," is to kick in a door that is already open. Quote taken from...

Proverbs 19

He who runs faster than looks ahead, steps wrong. - To Proverbs 19:2-3. Quote taken from the...

'Will You...' - pray

During a pastoral conversation, I was asked the question about the impact of using...

Rhythmic life

In our hectic world, finding peace and focus can be a challenge. This blog...


Caress A small gesture Full of tenderness Hand through hair Love flows And I become aware of it

Bitter aftertaste

Attractive fruitFull, colorful and ripenedAs Adam falls IIn yearning sigh Ready for harvest A tasty bite....

Power without counter-power?

There is a lot going on socially at the moment. Worldwide, but also in the Netherlands. I am hearing an unabashed...


This blog is dedicated to sharing insights and inspiration about the importance of fatherhood, the...

Living in time

Living now, in the moment, knowing that the isolated moments are not isolated,...

I know you

I know you In your naked existence Your imperfections Intimate brokenness I see you As you truly....
Chesterton card set

Chesterton greeting cards

Nice greeting cards have recently become available to order from publisher City on a Mountain. This series of postcards...


"Sanctification is not a coat you put on or take off, but is about who you are at the deepest...

A hollow sound

"Whether Christianity provides comfort or is socially relevant is of less importance than whether...

The story

The end of a sentence Is in the tail. Especially still the point. I console...

God & Science

"Thinking that science can find God is like thinking that during an operation you can...

A successful person

"A cake has succeeded when it looks and tastes good. When are you successful as a human being?"....
hagen sermon

A hedge sermon

Recently I was at a "Bible-beer-meat-men-campfire night. With real preacher and sermon. Because of the Corona measures and the remote...

Four types of people

- The life choice - While on vacation, the conversation turned to "thinkers and doers. My conversation partner indicated ...

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