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Believing is foolish

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mr-t-foolsA few weeks ago, a discussion came up during an internal training session at my work. The trainer was of the opinion that it is "absurd" to allow your religious beliefs to play a role within counseling. To my surprise, most of the colleagues present seemed to agree with this, even though we work for a Christian organization. The trainer's point came down to this: Professional social workers work "evidence based. Faith is not evidence based (it is faith, after all) so it is not professional to let it play a role.

While reading "The World of Sophie," I was reminded of this. Indeed, this book again suggests that religion is a pre-scientific era. People didn't know any better so they made up stories to explain reality, which is how I could summarize the gist.

I can't help but say that this bothers me. First, all religions are lumped together, while monotheism does differ from other (natural) faiths. In addition, even a non-believer has a philosophy of life and worldview which plays a role in choices that are made. I do know that the Bible indicates that what is foolish to the world is precisely what God has chosen (1 Cor. 1: 27-29). But the idea that "faith" is seen as opposed to modern society & science is a lie; it draws people away from actual surrender by sowing doubt in the heart. A Christian does view lived reality differently and this has implications for all areas of life and so also your work. And possibly this deviates from mainstream scientific thinking. This does not have to do with "unscientific thinking," but with a different interpretation of the facts. This reminded me of the following images.


IMG_0542In the picture on the right you see a (false) reference to an intelligent creator (God) who must resemble His creature. A Christian says; There must be someone greater than us, whom we resemble. The non-Christian does not "see" this and therefore does not believe it.

This is the image often made of Christians; an irrelevant reference to a non-existent God. After all, Dracula does not exist. (But you may well believe this; to each his truth, after all).


The image below also shows a reference to God that is relevant and real. Which, if you want to see, is most consistent with logic. Even if you can't "see" it.



How can you keep this to "yourself" now when it is what brought you to life, keeps you alive and is all that you vexpect in the future?

What is foolish to the world is wise in God's eyes. How important to stay rooted in this truth, have a living relationship with God and encourage one another with God's wisdom!

And to end with the first question again: Can you let your philosophy of life and related worldview play a role in your daily life, school, work? The answer as far as I am concerned: How could it be otherwise!

Father that we may be foolish before You. Touch us and give us eyes to see. You are so great!


Erwin de Ruiter

"One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots; both are likely to fail." - G.K. Chesterton

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