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Police and privacy

'Everyone who is not an anarchist agrees to have a policeman on the corner of the street, but the danger of the present moment is that we may find the policeman halfway down the chimney or even under the bed.' - G.K. Chesterton

Influence on beliefs

Quote: "Ask many contemporary Christian thinkers who has had the most influence on their beliefs, and they will probably say C.S. Lewis. If you could have asked C.S. Lewis he would have answered G.K. Chesterton." - Relevant Magazine

Too absurd to believe

Quote: "Something may be too sad to believe or too bad to believe or too good to believe; but it cannot be too absurd to believe on this planet of frogs and elephants, of crocodiles and squid."

The eternal eagerness of a child

It is possible that God says "One more time" to the sun every morning and "One more time" to the moon every evening. It may not be an automatic necessity that daisies look alike. It may be that God makes them separately, but never tires of making them. It may be that He has the eternal eagerness of a child, for we have sinned and grown old and our Father is younger than we are.

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