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Christian politics does not exist

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Politics, that is, governing a country, is never neutral. The system within which one practices politics; the type of society¹ , the dominant worldview(s), the (multi-)culture, the governing bodies, the state structure², all give a certain color to the whole.

Every political system and form of law has its own right and wrong. I believe it was Churchill who once said 'democracy sucks, but it's the best system I know'. and Martin Luther King: 'Socialism forgets individual need, capitalism that it is not just about individuals'.

Socialism forgets individual need, capitalism that it is not just about individuals. - Martin Luther King

Also, politics and economics are closely related, at the same time as ethical and social issues. Politics must then know power in order to exert (or enforce) influence. Therefore, the politician acts not only from his own reference framework or philosophical beliefs, but from a complex and multiple reality. It is a balancing of interests: self-interest, party interest, national, European and world interest, economic interest, social interest, political interest, moral interest, religious interest, social interest. All must be weighed.

In the Dutch polder model, some more water will then have to be added to the wine in order to obtain a majority of votes in the chamber(s) in order to arrive at a true consensus and thus political clout. That too is a subjectivization of political thought and action.

Christian politics


Some believe that political Christian of nature might be. But as with 'Christian counseling' I don't think this exists. That has to do with my definition of Christianity: to be follower(s) of Jesus. Not a church system, dogmatics or value system. I therefore believe that Christian politics does not exist.

If Christian politics existed in any other sense than the above (e.g., from the propagation of certain ethical precepts), anyone who agreed with this could join and practice "Christian politics. That this is so can be seen, for example, in the CDA. for example, read the publication: Muslims in the CDA. So I have no problem with that, because I don't think it is or can be Christian politics.

In fact, I believe that politics has nothing at all to do with Christianity. I do know that the Church, especially the RC Church, has political power more or less intertwined with its own actions and thinking. But I don't think this has much to do with the message of Jesus. I wrote once before in the blog God: judge or father the following:

Jesus' way is one from below and within. That is a very different path than you would expect from a king to come. (...) Jesus is not a politician. He does not choose to work from above with regulations, To tell what is morally right and threatening sanctions. He chooses the way in. At the single person. He chooses to touch you in the heart and thereby change you intrinsically and forever. And then, yes then a neighborhood, region even country changes. 

Politics and Christians

It is true, of course, that Christians can do politics. From a drive, a passion, a vocation. Levinas once said: 'The commitment to caring for others is not a consequence of faith, but is faith itself, the content of one's relationship to God'. In other words, the believer will intrinsically want to give hands and feet to this, will be driven by it - and find his faith in his actions.

'The commitment to caring for others is not a consequence of faith, but is faith itself, the content of one's relationship to God' - Emmanuel Levinas

Christians practicing politics will want to belong to a party with principles they can relate to. Who defend and express the issues they feel connected to. These could be Christian parties, but they might as well not be. Just like the believing voter who wants important issues on the agenda, no matter which party implements it. All parties are colored, none are objective. All with their own motives and (hidden) agendas.

Personally, I am convinced that we should not so much vote for certain parties, which can be useful from an effectiveness point of view, but for people. People who stand for something, who dare to stand up and force real change. There are plenty of examples of this in history. Both inside and outside the political arena.


  1. Consider a kingdom, republic or union.
  2. Think democracy, theocracy or dictatorship.


Erwin de Ruiter

"One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots; both are likely to fail." - G.K. Chesterton

1 thought on “Christelijke politiek bestaat niet”

  1. I can agree with your line of thinking. It is just so unfortunate in politics that those who shout the loudest get the most attention. And that many run after them... That's why I find politics a scary game and believe more in small movements/circles that positively influence their environment by radiating -on the spot- Jesus' love.

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