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Earthly Existence

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God is dead and heaven is on earth.

Anyone who holds this opinion I would advise to buy shoes for his hands and walk on upside down. Stretching out the legs to this so earthly looking sky, the head lifted to the heavenly earth. This is how I see this world upside down before me. And that from which this philosophy may spring is likewise earthly: where I may like to think thoughts to have, they think their thoughts to its.

It must be said that, if it were true, there is nothing you can do about it from the nature of things. With this, by the way, not only is heaven gone, but also the soul. However, it also appears to me from the nature of the case that, from the spontaneous and accidental character of the mind and therefore the thoughts, it must lack logic and coherence. And that's such a logical thought that by chance, a heavenly ray must have entered anyway.

It may not be such a crazy idea to walk on earth and look up to heaven.


Erwin de Ruiter

"One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots; both are likely to fail." - G.K. Chesterton

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