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"Happy are..." - Trump's beatitudes

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"Happy are the rich, for they shall become richer.
Happy are the intelligent, they will be seen as brilliant.
Happy are the evangelical white men, they will have jobs and buy houses.
Happy are those who polarize and bring discord, they will be seen as winners.
Happy are those who are similar, they will be allowed to belong.
Happy are you when you humble the other, you will be exalted.
Happy are you when you are praised to heaven, it is your just reward.
Happy are you when you are followed, people will live the way you want them to.
Happy you are when you believe in yourself, you no longer need others.
Happy you are if you are lusting for power, your power will increase.
Happy shall you be, the earth, all power and wealth is what is rightfully yours."

 Donald Trump | One of the - currently - most powerful political leaders in the world

"It is wonderful for you when you are sad. For you will be comforted. It is wonderful for you if you are kind and patient. For then you will inherit the earth. It is wonderful for you if you hunger and thirst for righteousness. For your hunger will be satisfied. It is wonderful for you if you are good and kind to other people. For then God will also be good and kind to you. It is wonderful for you if you live the way God wants you to live. For then you will see Him. It is wonderful for you if you try to make and keep peace. For then you will be called "child of God. It is wonderful for you if you are persecuted because you live as God wants you to. For you will be allowed to enter the Kingdom of God. (...)" - Matthew 5

Jesus Christ | Son of God

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Erwin de Ruiter

"One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots; both are likely to fail." - G.K. Chesterton

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