Hebrew - עברית

I have started learning Hebrew (Ivrite - עברית). And what a LORDly language to learn! During the learning process I notice all kinds of peculiarities, peculiarities and difficulties. I think it would be fun to take the interested in this, and perhaps be on a journey together in this. Let this be an encouragement to get started!

And that journey begins, of course, with the Alef-Bet, yes, the Hebrew alphabet! This one you read from right to left and top to bottom. So the letters and words come to you instead of writing it off. You are inspired, you are not automatically or by yourself.

The sound of different letters are formed by different guttural sounds, from the back of the throat to the front of the tongue. These sounds cannot be made out from the letters, but must be known. However, a system has been devised to convey this; the Niqqud. A system of dots and dashes below or above the letters. Like here: לָשׁוֹן הַקֹּדֶשׁ



לשון הקדש - Lashon Hakodesh

The Alef-Bet has 22 letters, all 'fellow' vowels with their own names. And 5 so-called final letters (sofit), but they are letters from these 22. For example, the 'a' is not just the 'a', but the Alef.

Furthermore, Hebrew is a figurative language in which each letter forms its own image. For example, the Alef a bull's head and stands for a prince, leader, head. But each letter also has a numerical value and the Alef has the value one/1. Thereby the Alef stands for the first, leader, foremost and is a reference to the First, the Eternal.

With the numerical value, letters and words sometimes take on deeper meanings, this is called Gematria. For example, the Alef (the word itself) - אלף - has numerical value 111. These are the first of the units, the first of the tens and the first of the hundreds.

So you can see that the various meanings are connected in a deep way.

It is the Holy Language for a reason. It is the language which God's finger wrote on the wall, and only Daniel could read. Which were written by God Himself on the tablets of stone. The language God spoke to Adam.

At least; that's how I've come to see it. But of course there is much more to be said about this. It is an adventure of discovery through time, culture, science and faith.

There is much more to tell. Like how language also has male and female forms of address and conjugations. How words also have deeper meanings - and fantastic interconnections.

And that is exactly what this page is for! New blogs and posts related to Hebrew - עברית will be found here. I hope to see you back here!


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