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Dealing with temptation


This book is about dealing with temptations, breaking patterns and being focused on God. How sneaky temptations can be, how comprehensive and dangerous, is discussed using the theme of sex addiction.

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This book is about dealing with temptations, breaking patterns and being focused on God. How sneaky temptations can be, how wide-ranging and dangerous, is discussed on the topic of sex addiction. The essence of temptation is that it wants to keep you from what you really care about: your health, your marriage, your children, God. It makes you a slave to your needs (addicted).
The premise of this book is that if you want to be connected to God, you don't must, may or can change, but that simply because of this relationship you will change. It is the logical consequence of His closeness and reciprocal relationship. In that change you will find that there are patterns that want to hold you, sins that feel comfortable and where giving resistance is difficult. In that, this book wants to be a guide. It is written from thoughts of restoration, unity and desire for a life closer to God.

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The book Dealing with temptation was written by Erwin de Ruiter after he observed in himself and others how difficult it is to achieve real change. Despite Jesus setting us free, we still seem to remain bound. How is that possible? From his extensive work experience as a counselor, his interest was piqued in the behavioral aspect, while his faith drove him to search for the spiritual component.

Because of the great craving for instant gratification of one's own desires in this day and age, and the tremendous destructive power of the sex industry that attacks the souls of human beings and (thus) of entire families from within, this book aims to focus on this very temptation. This involves stopping watching porn (fast food) to switch to truly filling food (true connection). Many of the principles discussed apply to other temptations and addictions as well. It is not an exhaustive treatise of all possible (psychological) theories and models, nor is it a moralistic over-spiritual book. It is a handy, helpful and insightful work. A book that urges you to look elsewhere, with Someone Else, and certainly not to leave it at that.

This edition is particularly suitable to give away as a gift because of its price and beautiful design. In addition, the format is ideal to stick with you and read it on the way home, work or vacation.

The basis of this book is in the 5-part series on sex addiction which previously appeared on our blog. In the book, the theme is more thoughtfully written out, has a new format with improved interrelationships, and new material has been added.


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Publisher City on a Mountain


Erwin de Ruiter

Cover design

Susanne Spoor







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Black and white print, full-color cover

First edition

October 2014

Current issue

March 2016, Second


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