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The Didache (eBook)


The teaching of the apostles, called "the doctrine" for short, or the Didache. The Didache is very old and is dated around the first century.

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"Keep what has been entrusted to you; take heed to yourselves and to the doctrine" (1 Tim. 4:16, 6:20) 

In studying the life of the early church, I came across a writing unknown to me: the doctrine of the apostles, called 'the doctrine' for short, or the Didache. This 'doctrine' does not appear in the Bible as we have it, but it was recognized in the time when the New Testament was 'in the making' by many Christians and, for example, Clement (Bishop) of Alexandria as 'scripture' or part of the Bible.

The Didache is very old and is dated around the first century. When in about 400 AD the list of canonical and apocryphal books is established, the Didache is not among them. The Didache then falls into oblivion and even disappears from history completely. It was not until 1873 that an ancient scripture dating from 1056 was found in Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) that the Didache was found again. Ten years later, in 1883, the Didache is republished, but it remains a relatively unknown scripture after this. Because of its age and authenticity, this valuable scripture deserves to be brought back to attention.

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The Didache as you see it before you now is a new concordant (as literal as possible) translation into Dutch, made by Arjan de Kok. The addition of the original Greek text makes this booklet good for research and reference. Because of the extensive notes with commentaries and Bible references, a multitude of context and background is available. This makes the volume particularly suitable for study of the early church and its teachings.

This edition of the Didache is suitable both for use in theological courses and for personal deepening of faith and broadening of knowledge about early Christianity. In addition, it can be used for personal study, or as background information for catechism classes, Bible study groups, or religious education. 


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Published ISBN numbers accompanying this title in digital version: 9789082186932. Image: Baptism of Christ with the twelve apostles, Mosaic in baptistery beside Santo Spirito cathedral (Ravenna, Italy).

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Arjan de Kok

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May 2014

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Third, May 2014


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