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Mommy goes to stay


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A richly illustrated read-along book with a serious subject in light-hearted and sometimes funny narration. Especially suitable for families in which one of the parents is receiving psychological help and is temporarily unable to stay at home.

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This book tells the story of Freek and his family. Freek has to miss his mother for a while because she is not doing so well. Therefore she goes to stay in a kind of hospital for a while. Freek doesn't like that at all and this book is about that.

It is not just a made up story, it tells the story of our family when we went through this. We hope this book helps because maybe in your home things are a bit like Freek's. It may help to talk about it with each other and learn together to make the best of it. We wish you much reading pleasure!

For moms and dads, a website accompanies this book:

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You probably came to this book because you are in a tough situation. The book Mommy goes to stay is, in fact, about that. The book is written to be read together with children between 3 and 8 years old. This book can help you to discuss the current situation within the family more easily: that mom (and/or dad) don't like the way things are at home, that stimuli are sometimes difficult, that it's not the children's fault if things don't go well with mom or dad. Or with mommy and daddy, because there are a lot more fights at home. Important themes have been incorporated into the story in a light-hearted, funny and recognizable manner.

It's not just a made-up story either, this book is based on our own story. Mommy goes to stay is the kind of book we would have liked to use ourselves to read with the children. We have used our own experiences as a basis for this book, but we have also incorporated our knowledge and experience as caregivers. We hope that this book can also serve as an encouragement and support for you. On the corresponding website the most important themes are briefly outlined.


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'Mommy Goes to Stay' is a moving and educational children's book, available on ZinVolZin, that helps children cope with the temporary absence of a parent and better understand their feelings. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a young child whose mother has to go away for a while and the challenges this presents for the whole family.

The book addresses themes such as saying goodbye, feelings of loss, resilience and finding creative ways to stay connected to the absent parent. 'Mommy Goes to Stay' offers children and parents an opportunity to talk together about the feelings and concerns associated with temporary separation.

'Mommy Goes to Stay' is a valuable resource for families dealing with the absence of a parent and is suitable for children of various ages. Order your copy today and use this book as a resource to support your children and help them better understand and process their feelings.

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 12 mm

Publisher City on a Mountain


Erwin de Ruiter


Mendel de Kok


Jessica de Jong







Binding style



full-colour print, full-colour cover

First edition

November 2018

Current issue

First, November 2018


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