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You probably landed on this page because you are in a tough situation. The book Mommy goes to stay is about that. And this book can help you to make the current situation within the family easier to discuss: that mom (and/or dad) don't like the way things are at home either, that stimuli are sometimes difficult, that it's not the children's fault if things don't go well with mom or dad. Or with mom and dad, because there are a lot more fights at home. These are important themes that have been incorporated into the story in a light-hearted, funny and recognizable way.

It's not just a made-up story either, this book is based on our own story. On this website the most important themes are briefly elaborated. In addition, we want to use this website as an extension of the book for further information or referral.Mommy goes to stay is the kind of book we would have liked to use ourselves to read with the children. We have used our own experiences as a basis for this book, but we have also incorporated our knowledge and experience as caregivers. We hope that this book can serve as an encouragement and support to you.

Erwin de Ruiter

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Download the PDF Our story for free, a number of sheets that allow children to write down, draw and/or paste and cut their own story! Mommy Goes to Stay is intended as a read-along book, to be read together in...

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