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Although we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee that all information is always correct. No liability can therefore be accepted for the content. No rights can be derived from the content. Also, except for exceptions provided by law, none of the works on this website may be reproduced and/or published by means of printing, photocopying, microfilm or otherwise, which also applies to the complete or partial processing, without the written permission of the copyright holder(s). The publisher, to the exclusion of all others, is entitled to collect the copy fees owed by third parties, as referred to in Article 17 paragraph 2, Copyright Act 1912 and in the Royal Decree of June 20, 1974 (Bulletin of Acts and Decrees 351), pursuant to Article 16b of the Copyright Act, and/or to take legal action to this end.


City on a Mountain has several authors who may or may not contribute to Zin Vol Zin ( Publication through publisher City on a Mountain or publication on Zin Vol Zin does not mean that the authors agree to all content present based on the website or publishing books.

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This website also contains links to websites that are not operated by City on a Mountain Foundation are administered. These links are for informational purposes only. If you use a link to another website, the privacy policy of that other site will apply. City on a Mountain Foundation does not control the content of these websites and therefore cannot be held responsible and/or liable for the content or quality of these websites. The link to these websites does not mean that City on a Mountain Foundation recommends specific products or services featured on these sites.


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