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Found something somewhere / Lost something somewhere


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Someone did research
Researched somewhere
Somewhere he found something
Something of great importance
Important dates
Dated earlier thinking
Thinking brought conclusions
Conclusions became facts
Facts new Truth
Truth Unrelenting
Unrelenting loss
Lost Values
Value unattributed
Does not think about it
Since his facts
To be factually ideal
His first find
Discovered as a foundling
Does he discover others
Others like him

Although I hold science in high esteem, I see it as a means, a tool. It does not give an explanation of reality (scientism), but helps explain a part of reality. This text therefore addresses itself as a critique of a positivist science practice that sees data as objective - as opposed to construct. This is also seen in the constructed reality of scientific models in the face of often (strongly) deviant reality. It also focuses on a science that sees itself as isolated - value-free source of knowledge. However, the practice of science is highly specialized and fractional. It does not stand alone and build on others. It is not just facts, but also values that play into conclusions drawn. The world is complex and requires multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary critical thinking. Where criticism is not allowed, knowledge becomes isolated, values are sidelined, and science becomes a contextless idealistic affair in which politics has its share. And then I haven't even considered the various interests, lobbying and funding that play a role in the realization of research. Note: I am not saying in the establishment of the results of an investigation. Although numerous examples of this can be found in the past as well. In short: science has its uses, but also its place.


Erwin de Ruiter

"One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots; both are likely to fail." - G.K. Chesterton

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