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The small great

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When you are small you experience everything, even the small, as wondrous and grand. Once grown up, many adults experience the grand small, because they know - but more often; think they understand - how it works.

But these adults do not realize that science still cannot fathom what gravity is, even if we land on the moon with his law, use math as predictive, even though 1+1 has never produced matter and we don't know what life is, even though we are doing it right now.

Perhaps in this too we should take Jesus' advice to heart, and become like a child in wonder. Is that celebrating ignorance? No, it is celebrating wonder; that is, even though you can fathom how it works, understands that it is still a miracle because it works. And life is wondrous.

Anyone who claims otherwise reduces our understanding of the world to the limited capabilities of our brain cells - which, according to the same logic, arose out of mere chance and without reason, thus per se unreliable. And it reduces our understanding of the world to only the material - even though it arose from nothing, that is; from the immaterial.

From John Lennox I have the following equation, which is understood by children but not understood by adults: How can you understand the workings of an automobile? By the rules of physics or by Henry Ford? Of course by both.

Is everything we see and can calculate, measure and reason about now sufficient to get rid of God? Has He been dismantled when all the "holes" in our science are filled? Of course not.

One of the most brilliant scientists ever, Isaac Newton, thought that man would actually be more attracted to God if he understood more of His work. The natural comes from the supernatural. Let us wonder more And be more like a child. For we are all children of our Father.


Erwin de Ruiter

"One man tries to express himself in books, another in boots; both are likely to fail." - G.K. Chesterton

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