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The Bible is not the basis...

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The Bible is not the basis of our faith; it is Jesus.

Reinier Sonneveld


4 thoughts on “De bijbel is niet de basis…”

  1. Sorry see something was left out in the sentence. I can only read the title of The Bible is not the basis.


  2. Reminds me of a passage by Frans Horsthuis:
    '(...) the order must be reversed. You must no longer try to come to Me through all kinds of aids such as a church, the Bible or other things, but rather the other way around: you must begin again with Me and start from Me-alone. Then I will show to each one the way.
    This is more radical than meets the eye. Many Christians are quick to think that Jesus is First in their lives. But let us not think that lightly. For when you realize this, you will understand that it can have a profound effect on your life. For example, would you be willing to close your Bible, not go to a meeting, or leave your spiritual books in the closet? Whether you would indeed be willing to do this, you will only know when you have tried it out by trial and error. For the pious thought is quite different from putting it into practice.
    Perhaps also comes as a defense the thought: "Why should I let go of those tools? Aren't they good? They are actually helping me". Yes, they are indeed good, but you let go of them because you now want to take one step further: "Lord, I let go of them because I want to meet You directly as my guide."
    Those books or the Bible or the meeting did help you find Jesus. But what matters is the direct encounter with Himself.

    This is what Jesus meant by the reverse order: not coming to Him from those tools, but the reverse: starting with Him Himself. "Now let go of that walker and fall into my arms!"
    He once said the same thing to the Jews: You examine the Scriptures - in other words, you read in your Bible - and you think you find eternal life in them, but these Scriptures speak of Me, and to Me you will not come" (John 5:39). He could say the same thing to a lot of Christians today.

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